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I.B. Quality Cabinets is a 4th generation family owned and operated company.

The experts at I.B. Quality Cabinets are known for their knowledge and passion for quality work, and for strong customer service. I.B. Quality Cabinets has the knowledge and for quality work and passion for strong customer service. We will walk you through the many options that are available and that will best fit your needs as well as your budget in cabinetry, hardware, counter tops and specialty items. We will help you to develop an initial plan ,and guide you every step of the way throughout your project. We will work closely with you to determine your needs and then collaborate with you to ensure your project’s success. With our team approach, we will accomplish your goals in a timely fashion.

When it comes to quality craftsmanship, specialized design and personalized customer service,
I.B. Quality Cabinets is the industry leader in the Fox Valley area.

Meet the Team

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Ingrid Erikson Rowlett


Owner and President of                      I.B. Quality Cabinets

Hello — my name is Ingrid, I am a cabinetry design specialist and the owner of I.B. Quality Cabinets. I was born and raised in Geneva, and I’ve been specializing in cabinetry design in the Fox Valley area of Illinois for more than 40 years. I learned my trade from two of the finest—my parents Helge and Maj Lis Erikson. They immigrated from Sweden in 1955 and soon after started their custom cabinetry business. Growing up in our family business, my parents taught me the old world cabinetry tradition, and I am proud to continue the quality, knowledge and longevity our company is known for. I am passionate about what we do, a trait that was passed down to me from my parents as well as my grandparents in Sweden. We as a team at I.B. Quality Cabinets provide the knowledge customers seek to help make quality decisions.


Jessica Guglielmi


Office Manager, Design and Sales

Hi! My name is Jessica and I am the office manager at I.B. Quality Cabinets. I am Ingrid’s daughter-in-law and the fourth generation here specializing in cabinetry and counter tops. Part of what I do for our customers is help them visualize their new kitchen and cabinet installation using a cabinet design program that creates unique 3D renderings, and also generates pricing for the configuration they have chosen. I really enjoy working with clients, but I also am responsible for creating proposals and managing our orders. Stop into our show room and I can show you the latest colors and door styles! We currently have 14 displays and are always updating. And if you are interested in a color or door style combination that you don’t see on display, I’ll order you a personalized sample. Our show room is a great place to get ideas for your next project, so stop by and check us out!


Joanie Quick


Marketing/Social Media Manager

Hi, my name is Joanie and I am the Marketing/Social Media Manager at I.B. Quality Cabinets. I’m the techie of the group and I love it! Not only do I keep our computers and phones running smoothly, I get to be on Facebook, our website, Houzz, all things web related… every day! Check out our blog on this website. Follow us on Facebook and Houzz. I’ll give you helpful hints and tips regarding cabinets, countertops and other fun facts. Oh, and I’m also a photography nut so I take the before, during and after photos of your project. Who knows – your new cabinets might be a featured design on your favorite social media channel

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