I.B. Quality Cabinets

Month: February 2018

Fieldstone Cabinetry

Where do you start when planning a new kitchen? Well, we feel a good place to start…is the finish. Because you can have the most beautiful looking cabinets, but if the finish can’t hold up to everyday use, they won’t look beautiful for long. Fieldstone Cabinetry goes all out with our finish by using a catalyzed conversion varnish. This way your kitchen cabinets will wear much better over time compared to cabinetry with a lacquer topcoat, which has a tendency to turn yellow. Our process gives your cabinets a lustrous feel and depth, and an elegant satin sheen. It’s what you’d expect of fine heirloom furniture, so we call it the “Furniture Finish.” Fieldstone Cabinetry has more than 500 thousand combinations of doors, wood types, and colors. Your kitchen can look uniquely “you.” And when it’s finished the Fieldstone way, that beauty will be here to stay. For a place where you can cook, gather, and live…choose American Made Fieldstone Cabinetry